Uses and Benefits of Social Media Management

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Uses and Benefits of Social Media Management With Different Social Platforms

While understanding what each social media platform does can be simple, understanding the uses and benefits of social media management with different social platforms can be a little trickier. Let’s take a closer look.



Think of Facebook as the place where customers find businesses and services that align with their social persona.

Facebook is currently the 8oo lb. gorilla of social media platforms. Facebook not only has the most total active users (around 1.55 billion), it has become synonymous with social media itself.1 There’s an estimated 645 million local business page views each media management DeKalb IL Facebook Icon

Business uses: sharing important news, videos, photos, contests, offering coupons, surveys, live streaming, running ads, giveaways, and highlighting events. Businesses should to Facebook for growing a following. Facebook will take a considerable amount of time, and possibly a lot of money, to build a following. However, Facebook is great for discovering and fostering your grassroots brand ambassador and those are priceless.

There are 12 different options when advertising on Facebook so there’s bound to be a format that will help you reach your specific desired outcome.


Benefits of Facebook

Relatively, Facebook is a low cost marketing strategy • You have access to, and can have dialog with, both current and potential customers • You can target traffic from Facebook to your website • You can use Facebook to provide customer support • Keep customers up to date, in real-time, with changes, offers, sales, specials and more • Facebook offers extremely targeted advertising



Twitter offers local business owner a great way to connect with followers and other people of influence, 140 characters at a media management Batavia IL Twitter Icon

Twitter is currently one of the top 10 websites in the United States and has over 300 million total active users.

Business uses: quickly spread information or news, manage customer service, share videos, links, and surveys, build your fan base and help others build theirs by re-tweeting. Your Tweets have the chance to go viral if you’ve found a user with a lot of followers. You can Live Tweet during events or your favorite television show.

Tweets and brands can be promoted to gain more followers and brand recognition. Once you have a decent following, Twitter can drive traffic where you want. Just include a link in your tweet to send people to a site or post. As long as there’s value where they land, your Twitter followers will continue to support you.

Benefits of Twitter

Twitter lets you show off your company or brand personality • You can research latest trends and generate leads • Provide customer support and look for feedback • Conduct polls

social media management Naperville IL LinkedIn IconLinkedIn

LinkedIn is to professional networking as Facebook is to social networking. With 230 million users and 2.7 million business pages, LinkedIn is a worthwhile addition to your marketing radar.

Business uses: Join LinkedIn groups to establish your business and brand as an industry expert.  List your business on the LinkedIn Company Directory so other professionals can follow your business. Recommend people and businesses for product or services. In-turn, you’ll start receiving recommendations too. People viewing your page will see what you’ve been recommended for and who did the endorsing. Conduct market research by conducting polls of your close contacts (1st degree) or pay to poll a much larger chunk of LinkedIn users.

Benefits of LinkedIn

Networking • Improve your SEO ranking • Networking • Increase credibility through recommendations • Networking • Collaborating with other businesses • Did I mention NETWORKING?


While Pinterest offers a cornucopia of visually based boards of interest, it is not as broad based as Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest users are mostly women (8o%) between the ages of 25-45 and top categories on the site consist of fashion, physical exercise, beauty, recipes, photography, and endless DIY projects. So you’ll need to consider if and how your business can reach the primary audience.

social media management Geneva IL Pinterest IconBusiness uses: Rich Pins- product pins can link back to the selling website and inform the pinner the product went on sale -in real-time. Article pins stand out because they look different. If your content has an image, it can be pinned and shared with the community. If you sell physical products, create a gift giving guide. Moving to a new office? Get input from followers on what they ‘d like to see– especially if they’re customers-allowing them to pin their ideas. Creating an event? Make a secret group board and invite employees or loyal customers to pin ideas about everything from the venue to the decorations. Don’t sell physical products?, never underestimate the power of a good How-to-Checklist.

You can also advertise on Pinterest using Promoted Pins.

Benefits of Pinterest

Market research • Build a brand or business identity through pictures • Ideal for showcasing products or services but can also be used for written content



Instagram is owned by Facebook so they play well together. Like Pinterest, Instagram is a visual channel based around photos and videos-and their filters, and is primarily used by women (70%) between the ages of 18-35. Unlike Pinterest, Instagram is almost completely mobile in nature. With over 400 million total active users, if you’re not using Instagram you should media management St. Charles IL Instagram Icon

Business uses: Post photos of your business and geotag your photos, show off your employees, take followers “behind the scenes” of your business, demonstrate what you’re currently working on or what you’ve already done, create a “what is this photo of?” contest offering discounts to those who guess correctly, embed your Instagram photos on your website so visitors know you’re active, and obviously, show off products if you have them.

Benefits of Instagram

Use it as your media library and repurpose Instagram photos on your site and from your site to Instagram • Use Instagram ads to drive people to your Instagram account to gain new followers • A great place to get user generated content if you don’t have enough of your own. Ask people to send in or tag your business or product in their photos



YouTube is known for video. In fact, over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every hour. While successfully marketing your business using YouTube requires content in the form of video (and a lot of it), it can be done without being a hassle. YouTube is the second most utilized search engine behind Google. Google (Alphabet) owns YouTube so it’s no surprise when YouTube videos show up in search results.

Business uses: Highlight your products or services, highlight your staff or the owner with interview videos, create a webinar and divide it into smaller videos, do a product demo or short tutorial, create a history of the company or corporate profile video, use the videos as CTAs (calls to action) asking them to subscribe, like, share, or contact you for more information.

Benefits of YouTube

Easy to share across multiple channels or embed on your site • Boosts search engine rankings • Opportunity to get in front of huge traffic volumes, and as we all know, the right video has the chance to go viral • Capture attention of captive audience thanks to the recommended videos


G+ (Google Plus)

It’s obvious that G+ is owned by Google, but why businesses should use this platform seems a little less obvious. While you may not know someone using G+ for social networking, it has become a strong network that can drive traffic to your website. Since G+ talks to Google, Google is now looking at social signals (likes, +1 s, up-votes, shares, tweets etc.,) from G+ to determine rankings. The short story is: Google suffers from a bit of, what I like to call, Netpotism and Google search loves anything else Google related. Having a G+ business page (Google My Business) could mean generating more leads by appearing higher in search results.

Social Media Management Sycamore IL Google Plus IconBusiness uses: Put what you write on your G+ page-not only will it show up for people following your business, but it will also appear in Google search results. Use the Communities and Collections options to build a targeted following. Just establishing your Google My Business page on G+ gives your business long-term, local search engine optimization value, but combining your page with Google apps, Hangouts, YouTube, and Gmail really give you an advantage.

Benefits of G+

Reviews • Increased SEO rankings • Google Hangouts On Air • Connect with people that have similar interests • Similar benefits of other social media channels only run by the big daddy of search



Owned by Yahoo, Flickr has been eclipsed by Instagram. This doesn’t mean it isn’t useful for your business. Flickr can store a massive amount (1 TB) of your photos and videos if you’re a Yahoo client. You can also pay for unlimited storage options. Like its contemporaries, Pinterest and Instagram, Flickr is a visual platform meant for video and photos. You can find professional photographers and photo-bugs alike on Flickr and tons and tons of great photos.

Business uses: Like the other visual channels, Flickr can be used to grow your following or interest in your business through visual storytelling. Expand your network by spotlight your products with beautiful shots, highlighting your employees, and work you’ve done or you’re doing. If you can tell a story about your business, product or service, you can do it through photos or video and share it to other social networks through Flickr.

Benefits of Flickrsocial media management Elgin IL Flickr Icon

Large community. Flickr predates Instagram • Good source for creative commons photos for your site or promotional materials • Like Pinterest or Instagram, what can be captured by photos can be shared. Points for creativity

Tips and Resources

  • Social media may be free, but think about the worth of your time!
  • Social media takes time and an investment of your time over a sustained period if you want to achieve results!
  • Identify which is MOST applicable to your business. Rather be excellent with a couple of channels than average at five or six!