Social Media Management Services

Control Your Company or Brand Voice With Social Media Management Services

Worldwide, nearly 3.65 billion people have access to the internet on their smart-enabled mobile devices.  Roughly 1.5 billion of those people have active social media accounts.

1.5 BILLION PEOPLE!socialmedia_group

While you’re trying to manage your business, people are busy tweeting, liking, sharing, posting, updating their status, commenting, linking, and up voting. Word of mouth still exists but social media has reinvented how it travels.

IM Einstein will help your business become a social media management dynamo.  Not only do you need to find, preview, target, share, and position rich media content across all key social networks, you need to ensure that your brand voice and messaging is constant across different markets. Did we mention replying to customer inquiries, posts, likes, and shares or, taking a potentially damaging, disgruntled person offline for further discussion before their message gains traction?

If your business does anything online, you should be using social media to direct attention to your offers or brand.

Not only does properly using social media help you determine your relevancy among your audience, it also allows search engines to determine your "social relevance" which can assist you in a better page ranking.

Pricing will vary.  Social media management will include (as needed):
  • Review of current social profiles to help determine best strategy
  • Building of social media pages, with SEO optimization
  • Relevant posts integrated with targeted SEO keywords and hashtags to funnel more people to your posts.
  • Content is posted during peak times when most people are using social media.
  • Active engagement with audience.
  • Posts are written by US based, native English speakers. As professional writers, we work to understand your industry and what makes your business unique.
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