Social Media Management for Business

social media management for business

Major Benefits of Social Media Management for Business


Social media management for business can become a little confusing. Each platform has something to offer businesses. While some benefits are unique, and others overlap, the following list captures some of the major benefits afforded to businesses taking advantage of current social media channels.

Stay top of mind • Get insights into the behaviors of your “perfect customers” • Build stronger relationships with your current customers • Turn loyal customers into Brand Ambassadors or Grassroots Advocates • Analyze your effectiveness through measurable results • Stay current with trends and behaviors • Increase awareness of your brand and develop loyalty • See what your competitors are doing • Geo-target your content • Quickly and easily share your content • Increase traffic to your website and your search engine rankings • Provide amazing customer experiences • Highly targeted ads

Stay Top of Mind

Social media channels allow you to connect with your target audience like no other medium in history. When done properly, social media management lets you appear where your audience is and then, follow them around the net thanks to tracking pixels. A little creepy?


However, the generation that has grown up with the technological revolution, the Millennials, are accustomed to this level of interaction from companies and brands and it’s how they stay top of mind.


Gain Insights About Your Perfect Customer

If you thought tracking pixels made things a little creepy then you’re going to love the insane amounts of data the social media platforms gather on you, their user.

If you’ve been followed around the web by a marketing campaign then it should be fairly easy to conclude that they know what sites you visit, what times you visit, how deep into the website you search, how long you’re on the site etc..

The good news is, your perfect customer is also out there having their data collected. Data that’s available to you.

By looking at trending topics and doing a little research into your keywords, the social media platforms will tell you a lot about where your ‘perfect customer’ spends their time, what they like to do in their spare time, what television shows they watch and what music they listen to.

Social media allows you to drill down into your perfect customer in ways traditional media can’t touch. It’s a wonder why some people are still attached to traditional forms of marketing media.


Build a Stronger Relationship With Your Current Customers

The funny thing about businesses and social media is that most of them seem to forget that the primary function of social media for their customers is to BE SOCIAL.

Millennials expect to be marketed to through social media but they also want a company or brand that is relevant to them. They want to feel a connection (usually gained through an experience) that helps them feel comfortable with the brand or company.

This experience can be given through social media.

Make them laugh, give them something thought provoking to share, and be genuine. Millennials have grown up with sharing their lives and partaking in the lives of others through social media and the internet. Being genuine with them when marketing will score points. Most of all, remember, be social.

Keep you customers up to date on news, sales or anything you can think of that your customers might want to know. I bolded that last part because, too often we want to share the things we’re interested in. The fact is, we’re often too close to our work, business, product or service and what might interest us about it isn’t always the right thing to share with others to gain their interest.

Other ways to grow stronger relationships with current customers is to carefully watch your social media channels. If a customer takes to one of them to leave a bad review or complain, make sure you’re there promptly following up with them. Are they praising you for something? Acknowledge them in that social space and reward them. Others will catch on and want to share their great experiences too. Not enough can be said about using social media as a customer relationship management tool.


Increase Awareness of Your Brand and Develop Loyalty

This seems like a no-brainer. Do you want your business, product or service to get in front of a lot of targeted people? Then social media is the place for your business to make it’s presence known.