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Online Reputation Management for Naperville, IL means being able to manage what’s being said about your business, good or bad, when it’s being said, anywhere on the web.Naperville IL city logo

When asked what their most valuable business asset is, most business owners will list their customers, property, employees, patents, brand, logo, etc.

The truth is, your most valuable business asset is your reputation.

Those other things don’t matter if your business has a horrible reputation.  The scary part: as wonderful as the technology age has been, it makes it extremely easy for someone to ruin that reputation.

It probably took you tears, sweat, sleepless nights and time to build your business and brand. In today’s world, it just takes one upset client or customer with a healthy following on social media to bring it all to a stop.

I’m sure you’re familiar with plenty of stories of disgruntled employees, dissatisfied customers and even deranged clients that took to social media to complain and their complaints went “viral”.

The good news (sort of) is that 95% of disappointed customers don’t discuss it where you can find it. They complain to family, friends, or pets.

This means the 5% that do take the time to voice their concerns online are VERY IMPORTANT!Identity graph showing correlation between great service and great online reputation

Online reputation management for Naperville, IL means opportunity. Too often you’ll see a business handle an online complaint by getting into a virtual shouting match. Nothing could make the reputation of your business look worse than publicly arguing with someone. Is the customer always right? No. They’re not always wrong either.

Imagine being able to take a misguided or malicious online attack of your business offline quickly to address their concerns before it gains a following.

Look at this as a great opportunity to address their complaints offline via email and turn a disappointed customer into a raving fan.

Even better, instead of looking for all the bad things that might be said about your business by current or former employees and customers, you can use online reputation management for Naperville, IL to reward your local, loyal customers and employees.

Imagine that you find a post on Yelp® from a satisfied customer, almost immediately after they posted, that raves about the service they received. You respond to their post kindly thanking them for saying nice things about your business AND (pay attention here), you then offer them a hefty coupon for 75% off their next service OR offer them something for free.
Maybe you offer to buy them dinner buy purchasing a gift card to their favorite restaurant?!

Imagine what this online conversation will do to pique the interest of potential and current clients. Watch as the wonderful things being said about your business starts to flood in.

Did you know that 80% of people change their buying decision after reading just one bad review online?

What’s even worse is that you may not even know the review is out there on the internet, secretly eroding your business.

IM Einstein Will Provide the Following Online Reputation Management for Naperville, IL:

  • Scour Facebook. Twitter. TripAdvisor. Yelp. Youtube. Blogs. Forums. Google+ You Name it! Anywhere conversation and interaction are happening.
  • Monitor day and night
  • Monitor any keyword, any business sector (even monitor your competition)
  • Notify you by email the instant we’re alerted to someone using your business or brand name
  • Scan the web every 5 minutes so you’ll always be one of the first to know when something is posted online
  • Provide a link that takes you straight to the conversation so you can jump right in
  • Use the service as a way to generate leads of the people who are actively looking online of your product or service right now

Have you considered what your average customer is worth to your business? Here’s some simple math:

$ Value of average customer (X) # of new customers you get each month (=) $________

This is the potential value of loss to your business each month by not managing your most valuable business asset- your online reputation!

IM Einstein is Online Reputation Management for Naperville, IL. Contact Us!