Create a Blog

Did your business create a blog because a well meaning consultant told you to or because it was "the thing to do"?

It's no wonder that blogs are often overlooked by small businesses. They take time to build and manage. Some have figured out how to build it into their daily routine. However, for most of us, keeping up with ideas that are post worthy and writing them might produce a headache.

If you currently maintain a blog, does it:

Capture leads?
Provide a clear point for conversions "above the fold"?
Offer clear, relevant, and engaging content?
Use visually appealing layouts and easy to read contrast?
Interlink between your website?
Provide the visitor with clear calls to action (CTA)?

We can help you create a blog (Blogger, WordPress, Wix, Weebly) or manage an existing one (SEO, Article Creation & Submission). Either way, your blog should be another tool in your marketing tool box.  Don't let your blog be just another wasted opportunity.

Let's get blogging!

Starting at $100/per blog (pricing is based upon standard or basic blog site. Please contact us regarding your business needs and we'll determine the best kind of site to suit you. We can also explain key differences between using different services for your blog so you can decide what is right for you.)